We specialize in providing fast and impressive printing and scanning services to our members and to the public as well. If you are contemplating converting paper documents to image, the most daunting task you may have is determining how much to convert. Here we understand the importance of having access to the information you need — when you need it. We specialize in making accurate copies of scanned documents with our sophisticated software programs and advanced technology hardware, you can rest assured that the project will look as impressive when it's finished.


Large format media laser printing

Plans, drawings, maps, sewing patterns, etc. We can print documents as large as 36" x 50 feet! From standard sizes of architectural drawings (24"x36", 30"x42", 36"x48") to custom sizes, we can accommodate any job.

Colour printing of large format media

We print posters, maps, drawings, school projects, photos, and all types of full-colour quality prints on our Océ and Canon colour printers. We can print up to 36" wide and up to 50 feet long - and we have for our clients already! We keep over 10,000 linear feet of paper on-site for all your printing needs.

DuraCopy printing

We can copy or laser print your own waterproof drawings or forms — ideal for any extreme situation you may encounter on the construction site, on the boat, at the cottage, or even in your office. "DuraCopy" is a synthetic stock specifically designed to withstand extreme situations. The ink will not disappear even if it gets wet! This is a truly remarkable media that is very popular with general contractors on job sites. This eliminates the need to make multiple sets of paper drawings knowing that many will get wet and become illegible over a short time in the rain or due to a misdirected cup of coffee!

Colour printing on vinyl

With our Océ and Canon printers, we are able to provide the best, most accurate and precise reproductions in black & white or in COLOUR for your drawings, posters, school projects, homemade maps, and even old photographs! We can usually make these for your while you wait.


Scanning large format media

Plans, drawings, maps, photos, fine art, etc. We can scan images as small as 3" x 3" or as large as 36" x 50 feet! Using industry-grade optical and digital technologies, we will ensure the best possible reproduction of your original images.

High Speed scanning of documents and engineering drawings

We care about your time and we provide high-speed technology to our clients so that you can save as much time as possible and have the results you want — quickly. Our trained staff have the ability to often do 'rush jobs' the same day to ensure that you are satisfied and can continue working. We can scan documents of almost any size and dimension and make exact copies of them for you — often while you wait in the Plan Room.

Document and digital image archives

Do you have many older drawings that are occupying too much space and posing a fire or health hazard? Do you have printed documents you need to share? We can scan and organize those documents and drawings for you and provide you with a USB drive or CD-ROM that will contain all the images and an index of all of the drawings! Imagine how much more efficient that would be when searching for old documents and drawings. We take pride in working with you, within your budget, and within your timeline for completion of these projects.



Next day & worldwide delivery service is available for shipping your drawings, documents or other media. We have negotiated rates with licensed, bonded, and reliable courier companies to get your documents where they need to be as quickly as possible at the most economical prices. Contact us for more information on this service.

Digital delivery

We can send and receive electronic documents in multiple formats securely online. With our website and our investment into image software and other computer applications, we are able to receive and open many vector and raster image file formats from our members including: DWG (AutoCad), JPEG, TIFF, PNG and PDF, and others without any issues at all.

Member Services

Construction schedule

We ensure that we maintain the most current and updated listing of current tender and commercial opportunities in the Northern Ontario region on-site for our members. We have the drawings that you need — and are able to get any others that you may be interested in from across the province or even the country.

Addendum alerts

We keep all the addendums on site for you to review, and notify our members of any changes via email should there be any amendments to the specifications or drawings for any commercial project they are interested in. Of course, members can also request printed copies of the specifications, addendums and drawings if needed.

Members list

We are the only Full-Service Commercial Plan Registry in the North Bay area. Your company will be listed on our Members List, ensuring high visibility for your business.